A project for coaches to control film from their mobile device.

What is noHuddle?

Just like the no huddle offense speeds up a football team, the noHuddle Remote will speed up your film sessions. noHuddle Remote is an app for Android and iPhones that allows you to control online film video players from your phone. Easy set up and responsive playback from the noHuddle Remote eliminates the need for specialized remotes.

Designed for coaches

Developed for coaches, the app has a low learning curve and is drop dead simple to use.

Time saver

Speed up meeting setup times by using the noHuddle Remote. You just login to the extension on your computer then connect via the app.

Go mobile

Manage less devices. By having your phone serve as your remote you are ready to have a meeting without having to find another device.

Manage your devices

View your list of devices online through your account. See their status and techincal infomation all from one dashboard.

Meet more efficently

Speed up your meeting times by using a more responsive remote. Control your film as if you were sitting at the computer, but be able to stand in front of your players using noHuddle.

Connect over WiFi

Go cordless and connect to your computer over a WiFi network. The remote has no range as long as the target computer and mobile device are on the same network.


Get Started

Check out our 2 minute setup video to get started!


In order to control your video player from your phone, we need to have a Chrome Extension running. It allow us to communicate with our mobile app and control the video player on the webpage.

Install the Chrome Extension by clicking the below button.

Extension on Chrome Webstore

Have an Android Device running 4.1 or higher? Get the app from the Google Play.

Android App on Google Play

Have an iPhone? The app is available for iOS 7 or higher from the App Store.

iOS App on iOS Store


After you have downloaded the app and extension, make sure you've registered for an account.

Sign in on both the Chrome Extension and the Mobile App, then connect the devices. Once the devices are connected, you are ready to watch film!

Still having problems? Please check out our FAQs, or send us an email at for further help.


We hope you find this remote useful.
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