noHuddle Documentation

A project for coaches to control film from their mobile device.


Q: I can't get the Chrome Extension to show, how do I login?

A: In order to access the popup from the Chrome Extension button, you must be currently on a support noHuddle Remote website, such as YouTube. Try visiting the site where you would watch film from and try clicking on it again.

Q: I can't get the app to connect remotely, what is wrong?

A: This could happen due for many reasons, but the most likely reason is the Chrome Extension is not getting notified to join the film session. In order to connect, when you hit connect on your mobile device, try hitting the connect button on the Chrome Extension before the connection times out. The the connection should then go through.

Q: I can't get the remote to connect over local mode, what do I do?

If local connections don't work, something in your network is prohibiting the connection, while local connections are fast than remote ones, there is a number of issues that could cause it to not work. Remote connections take place over the internet, so they should be more reliable. Try hitting the 'Remote Connection' option when selecting a device.

Q: My device is marked as connected or offline, but it is online, how do I refresh it?

A: There is a refresh button in the top right of the chrome extension, click it, and click the refresh button in the app, and the 2 should be in sync. If your extension is still being marked as connection, make sure to hit the end button if it is visible on the Chrome Extension.

Q: My device isn't showing up on my list of devices! Why is this happening?

A: This means that your computer isn't in our records. The primary reason for this is that you haven't logged in on the extension on your computer. Also make sure that you're starting the computer using YOUR account. If you start it using your friend's account, it'll record the computer under their account, not yours.

Q: How many devices can I use under a single account?

A: As many as you want! Currently, there is no limit to how many devices you can have listed under your account. All you need todo is install the chrome extension on each computer you want listed as your device and make sure to login under your account. Multiple accounts can also share a device, you just need to logout and sign in under the other connect.